Do you feel fully prepared to respond effectively if faced with a malicious or negligent drone disruption at your airfield?

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The disruption caused by drones in European airports is usually deliberate. The airports are now ensuring their full preparedness to manage any possible incidents. Civil Aviation Authority and the police are to make sure that the airports are fully prepared to deal with the disruptions. There are new policies and rules that will help to ensure effective enforcement of the rules to travel without fear of their trips being disrupted by malicious drone use.

How adequate is the legislation on drone use in your country, especially in response to the drone threat in airports?

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Whether the current airport restrictions are sufficient, the governments and police are to ensure that drones are used in accordance with the law and continue to work with the CAA to build on the 'Drone safe' campaigns.

Do you believe that a drone-airliner collision is possible in the future, with the potential to be a major incident?

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