As you know, non-aero revenue is becoming more important to airports, since travel retail sales dropped by 5% per head compared to last year despite a strong growth in pax.* Although major travel retailers understand the pax that spends more, airport operators are now investing heavily in providing boarding, lodging, parking and other facilities, looking for new revenue streams in addition to their incomes from duty-free concessions.

In order to grow & maximize your share of non-aero revenues, it is vital to increase attractiveness to both airlines and passengers, which is the aim of the Premium Experience Exchange Maximizing Airport Revenues 2018.

This December, leading commercial, finance and e-commerce professionals will gather to discuss the same challenges they face on how to best enhance the customer experience and maximize your revenues.

* According to the European Travel Retail Confederation and Forst & Sullivan Industry Analyst Renganathan Krishnamurthy.