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Ground handling companies are responsible for aircraft safety. Thus, they have to provide high quality services and, in order to do so, standards are formulated by adapting the best practices of the aviation industry. Nowadays we are assisting a shortage of skills in ground handling which means delays and accidents, that is, low performance and low quality.

As in ground handling these two things (quality and performance) depend on human factors, it is vital for ground handling staff to be up-to-date in the latest best practices approved by the industry and the only way of doing it is through high-standard training with professional instructors. Being staff the main assets of ground handling companies investing in them will always be less costly than low performance as that means a decrease in safety levels.

With more than half of ground handlers suffering from skills shortages & employee reduction in Europe averaging 30% or more – the need for inspirational leaders to help us attract, motivate and retain talented employees has never been greater.

GROUND HANDLING MANAGEMENT best practice & experience exchange is a quality refresher training for you & your colleagues to analyse the current challenges facing the industry.

To address this issue, join any of our leading experience exchange premium events in Central London https://www.gtiaviationtraining.co.uk

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