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Drones at Airports – Opportunities or Global Threat?

Drones caused a lot of disruption which can not be undermined as they pose safety risk as well as disrupt airport operations, force authorities to cease flight operations and operational managers to re-write their operational procedures that have been perfected over years! All stakeholders - airports, regulators, ANS, police and airline pilots have been involved [...]

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Staff Retention & How to Encourage Employees

Across America 45% of workers say they are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their jobs; only 20% feel very passionate about their jobs; 33% believe they have reached dead end in their careers and 21% are eager to change careers. Older workers are the most satisfied and the most engaged in their work. Younger works [...]

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Retail Sales Drop Leads to New Revenues Search

As you know, non-aero revenue is becoming more important to airports, since travel retail sales dropped by 5% per head compared to last year despite a strong growth in pax.* Although major travel retailers understand the pax that spends more, airport operators are now investing heavily in providing boarding, lodging, parking and other facilities, looking for new revenue streams in addition to their [...]

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